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Magic of Isis
7 July
United States
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I live an incredibly non-descript life in a stereotypical Midwestern (US) suburban community, with a two-story house, a husband, two kids and a dog. In whatever free time I have, I write Harry Potter fan fiction.

I am shamelessly in love with Harry Potter - the character that is. He's twenty-nine now, so it's a little bit like the Demi/Ashton thing. I also shamelessly crush on Dan Radcliffe, because he sets off a maelstrom of controversy every time he speaks with an affectation!

If anyone cares, I'm substantially over the age of consent. My aging body reminds me of this every day, and I have the chiropractic bills to prove it. And *rolls eyes* I do not condone anyone doing anything bad or illegal. So don't, okay? There. How was that?

I don't blog much because, quite honestly, my life isn't that interesting. But I do post a lot of my writing here. Except that I haven't written anything for a really long time.
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